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impossible to get a glass

sunny 25 °C

We leave paradise.

Did I mention-hotel so new that the laundry service was unavailable. So in red neck fashion, we hand washed most items in soaking tub. Hung them out to dry on balcony-over the wall-which was over the outdoor dining- nothing like dripping laundry over your dinner.

On the way to Venice, I had planned a drive through the 'strada del proscecco'. This was to be a picturesque drive with proscecco tasting along the route. Of course it started at a castle-not as nice as eastern europe's castles.

The signs were impossible to locate. Lincoln has perfected the u-turn on this trip-dont get me started on the passing of cars. there was a bike route running near the main route-so if we were lost-follow bike markers.

We detoured a few kilometers to see a waterfall-next to a water mill. Sometimes you are pleasantly surprised with the hidden finds-other occasions-not so much. The waterfall was a trickle of water-running over rocks. As frustrations mounted- we stopped at our first proscecco tasting. Full of optimism-and desperate for a drink- a lovely woman ushered us in- she did not know one word of english. We were able to taste a bottle- and when I wanted to ship a case home(upstairs quality-perfect for Jason Asher)- even resorted to my primitive drawings of a ship and house. I really thought she understood and she swiped my credit card and handed us the case. It took almost 45 minutes to try and communicate with her-the mistake and get cash back. Must have been first week on job. She was so angry with us- I felt so bad-will have to call bank too.

This was a disaster. Not wanting to deal with same situation again- we stopped at a vineyard with great signage-we speak english and ship- only problem was not find entrance into tasting-purchasing room. This was a re occurring event- except lincoln became annoyed-when a group of german tourists just stared at us walking in to find no help. He finally had enough and was his first realization- italians are not nice.

We completed the drive and headed to Venice. Still dizzy from all the traffic circles with no signs-multiple circles and u-turns.

We did buy one bottle of proscecco from the 1st place-left it in the car-waiting to see if it explodes.

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Budapest to Croatia

Driving in Circles

sunny 25 °C

So far, we have only encountered one border control- entering Croatia. We are
not sure if this is initiated by the Hungarians or Croatians. Must have
passports and vehicle papers. They just scanned our passports and asked if we
had anything to declare. The best part- added 2 stamps in the passport!! I love

The drive was easy until Zagreb-capital of Croatia. the same highway changes #'s
all the time. It is hard to follow signage. We had to turn around a few times on
the way to our final destination Savudrija, Croatia.

Istria is a peninsula that shares its border with Slovinia. We were at the most
north- west corner of Croatia. The problem is do you circle around or cut across
the mountain range- no brainer-except we drove in circles- 2x's losing at least
1-1.5 hours. The roads/towns are not clearly marked.

When we thought we were headed in the correct direction-not positive- we stopped
up high on the mountain. There was a beautiful hotel/restaurant. They sent us
back to our starting point and gave us direction. He gave us his map. We would
have loved to have had dinner-since not sure of anything-best to drive on.

Winding through the mountains-passing a few castles-we came across a mountain
town-pretty much an isolated wine town- at this point tensions rising so passed

We are at the relaxing part of our journey. Not so much at this point. We are
staying at the new Kempinski Hotel. Open for 3 weeks. It is impossible to locate
and the start of the circle driving-not a good thing. We were in the car for 6
hours and just wanted to unwind.

The hotel is beautiful. We are the first Americans. The staff was gracious-and
the newness of the hotel is apparent in decor and confusion. Laundry not
available, different responses from every one- lots of confusion.

The rooms are completely computerized-cool. Pool and bar are gorgeous. Not
crowded. We started by hand washing half our clothes-very red neck. Dinner was
very nice-except you can tell there is a bit of nervous energy and bill
corrected a few times.

Lincoln has a game of seeing how his martini arrives- classic and simple- not so
much-not shaken, different glass and this time- sugar around the rim and charged
for Bombay and vermouth-they quickly removed that from the bill.

Today, off the gym-while Lincoln sleeps and full day in the sun-hoping to
convince Lincoln to let me navigate out of the resort for some sightseeing and
dinner this evening- wish me luck.

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