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The Third Man

Adventure through sewers

overcast 25 °C

Just as we indulged in Sound of Music, we visited sites from the Third Man
movie- a great thriller from 1948ish. If you haven't seen it, like old Orson
Welles(actor) and post war- or going to Vienna- watch it.

We went to ride the famous ferris wheel in Prater Park-home of first amusement
park. Nice views of the city-lots of rides. Couldn't resist the bumper cars-
these cars are the best-fast and controllable-really smack into each other. We
had some killer 10 year olds around us and of course- I kicked Lincoln's ass- he
won't admit.

We sat in a bier garten and called it an evening.

Next morning, I went to the Treasury to view royal jewelry and ceremonial robes,
crowns ect. Amazing works of art. Jeweled gloves, christening gowns-blankets and
pillows- such wealth- can't imagine the time it took to get a king ready for
different ceremonies. All different time periods and the preservation of
tradition-with added bling. All the details-very talented artists creating
detailed items for royalty.

Lincoln went to the art museum. We than headed to Schonnbrun- summer royal
palace-20 minutes out of the city. We walked the beautiful gardens. I wonder
what the kings-queens would say today- all the 'common people' roaming
around-invading their world.

We returned to the city and resumed movie tour- sewers(awful smell),
hotels(Sacher for chocolate torte), Mozart cafe, apartments ect. Had some street
vendor schnitzel.

We headed to Budapest-ready to tackle another city, currency and language.

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Where are we-driving in circles

overcast 28 °C

The most stressful part of driving is entering the city and looking for your
hotel. Joe and I would be fine until we hit the first circle and tried to find
our hotels.

The first is to realize-as tourists you want to follow the historic center of
town signs. It is like a dart board- then learn the word for center in each
language helps.

Lincoln drives very fast. I'm not slamming him- I just can't read the signs and
look at the maps. Entering Vienna was a nightmare. The maps are either highways
entering the city or just the historic center. We were driving around at night
for an hour. Very frustrating for both of us. We entered some convention center
parking lot by accident, driving in circles and could not figure our present
location and relative distance to the hotel.

Finally, we found the dart board and I noticed the U bahn station and we found
the hotel.

Our sightseeing started a bit later than usual. I had my Frommer's Day by Day
guide to Vienna- this city and Budapest are new editions. The first section is
the authors favorite memories- this takes you off the tourist sites and I love
to read and follow these recommendations.

We headed out of the hotel and attempted to walk to the farmer's market. It
didn't look complicated at first. This city is set up like a spiders web. The
street names are 20 letters and impossible to pronounce. We walked an hour out
of our way. After meeting a nice woman who directed us-we hoped on the tram and
found the market.

The nasktmarket- are 2 strips of stalls- gourmet cheese, meat, bakeries, fish,
fruit, spices ect and lunch places. We gathered olives, brie, grapes, salami,
figs bread and wine for our picnic. We headed towards the museum-palace area and
had a nice lunch.

Lincoln went to the art museum-great paintings-he said he set off proximity
alarms from leaning in too close. He loved it. I went to the Hofburg Palace. You
are able to learn about Elisabeth- queen to Franz Joseph. She was the first
queen to install a bathroom in a palace. She was very vain and slept with a veal
skin mask. Her hair took 1 day to wash; very diet and health conscious, exercise
area, no photos or portraits after 30 yrs-wanted to be remembered as youthful.
Very cultured-loved to travel, learned languages-hated all the requirements of
being royalty.

I toured her apartments, clothes and an exhibit on silver settings, linens,
porcelain. All the formality of place settings, and different china for
occasions-incredible wealth. She was assinated when attending a 'health clinic'
aka Canyon Ranch. She became popular after death- media storm into her life.

We then strolled around to visit a few of Mozart, Beethoven, ect houses and
statues. Went to see the Vienna clock-broken-no dancing mozarts and saints came

Vienna is very imperial. There is a mix of art nouveau-trying to be modern.
Great history.

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