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Salzburg, Austria

Another surprise


We arrived into Salzburg around 6:30 pm. The town was easy to navigate- I had a larger map of the city. I had no idea what to expect- just that it was the main location used for The Sound of Music. Lincoln set up the Sound of Music tour for the next day. Rick Steves' recommended a minibus tour. Better than waiting for 40 people getting off and on the buss the entire morning. Not for the ADD people.

Our hotel- Hotel Mozart-like Prague to Kafka- Salzburg to Mozart- was basically a room to stay in. I had struggled with the decision to pay for a well known, historical, luxury hotel or a still expensive, no name, business type. We checked in with a corsetted-swiss miss girl with an ear ring in her nose. I did not mind the ear ring- I have purple hair. However, when we went to our room- no air conditioning and the bathroom was cut into 2 parts across the room from each other- I realized, this is a city you want to splurge. The history and unique setting would be enhanced with a stay in one of these hotels-Bristol.

We went to the palace gardens and crossed over the river and the city reminded me of Seville. We went pub crawling and wandering. The Salzburg Music festival was in town-the same as in the movie. So many black tie dressed people. Drinking beer and eating hot dogs. We returned to our hotel room to be reminded that we were in the dingiest room ever. Lincoln opened the window no screen and I was emailing travel agent. All night, heard people and traffic below; so hot.

Next day, happy to move on after the Sound of Music tour. Lincoln has not seen the movie and will when we return. Some cheerful in a nasty way- told Lincoln he could not get coffee until later. The van filled up and had a super movie couple in front; mother and daughter in matching Duke college wear and Father(mumbler) and young daughter on the tour. The tour guide was so snippy. I soon figured out she hated to be referred to as German- Austrian correction- I had to annoy her for the rest of the trip. The tour should be called the Anti-movie tour. She basically told us the movie was a lie-oh no! Nothing positive- should re think that since we were always arriving at the sites with 2 other big buses. I could not take the nasty attitude so as we were in the minivan- I emailed her office to complain-yes I signed Lincoln's name. I believe she had word of my review because she became a bit more pleasant and gave the bus a lecture on tipping is allowed.

The tour was a great way to see Salzburg. The scenery and houses were so charming. We stopped at a Luge place and Lincoln and I shared a luge. We almost fell off the first turn- I have a burn mark on my knee. Then a stop for struddel and weiss beer.

At the end of the tour-Lincoln was charmed out. I believe the nicotine withdrawal is taking a toll.

We hopped into the car and off tro Vienna.

Tip- english is not known. Pure german and makes it difficult to order.

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Cesney Krumluv

First encounter with quaintness


We headed towards Salzburg. Once again, armed with my new atlas. The guide mentioned this river town.

The drive was not so bad. The main problem was it is a one lane highway-through towns. Lincoln experienced his first european traffic circle. They come up out of nowhere and hard to read. We navigated to the town. It was a complete surprise. Very charming. Colorful houses and an amazing castle. I still can't imagine what it takes to build these structures in the 1300's. A river surrounds the town. There were tubers, canoes and rafting. I wish we would have known. We sat outside and enjoyed a nice lunch and wandered around.

We started back towards Salzburg- on the road towards Austria, we noticed a woman with very odd- pink short shorts and tight top-waving to cars on the highway. Lincoln thought she was hitch hiking- I said no way. Sure enough every few feet were other single women on each side of the road and then we come upon 3 guys just hanging out. One or two of the women looked like men. There were casinos and just before the Austrian border. Will have to look up that stretch when I get home.

We crossed into Austria and instantly the mood was lighter. Very bright and green. It was like oppression lifted instantly.

Note: When you travel into Austria and I have heard Slovenia, you have to purchase a highway usage sticker. I thought Daly must have some influence over there. You stop at a service station and minimum 10 day pass. Cost 8 euros. I guess it is okay-no toll roads.

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