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dinner reservation

sunny 28 °C

Our first full day, started at the Accedemia-see 'The David'. We went online to
look for tours. The price I was quoted for a walking tour and guide was
expensive(from me). I researched a few sites and settled for Viator. They offer
tours all throughout Europe. We signed up for a skip the line ticket to the
Accedemia and later that afternoon the Uffizi and Vasari Corridor.

We printed the prepaid vouchers and called to confirm. I could not reach the
Uffizi tour operator and emailed Viator. They responded right away and confirmed
the tour for us. If you know the dates of your visits, this is a great way to
get tickets and avoid lines.

The David is stunning. Just to know Michangelo sculpted him from a limited
marble slab-that 2 others attempted to carve- you can see how talented and
gifted a man he was- true Renaissance man.

We split up- Lincoln to wander the Uffizi and I to see the costume gallery at
the Pitti Palace. They have a museum dedicated to fashion throughout the
centuries. I wish I had an english written guide-each room has an explanation-
however, would love to know who designed gowns. The most interesting was the
restoration of Medici family's 1500's death clothes. They had moved the crypts
and photographed the insides. I love the descriptions of the people. They
decided to examine and restore the clothes. They had extensive records of burial
clothes and clothing styles preferred. It took 20 years to restore- few pieces
they could- they used MRI technology-figured out they died unexpectedly and the
illnesses ravaged the bodies- anyway-ladies-very cool exhibit. Wandering the
palaces have been great for me- it is a history lesson that ties in with the
artistry and cities.

We met up for the Vasari Corridor tour. This is a long hallway connecting the
Uffizi with the palace. The Medici's could walk with the commoners. This tour is
limited and requires reservations in advance. Not many people are aware of the
corridor. The Corridor is a museum of self portraits- Rembrant, Chagall, David,
Ingres and others. All hidden away from the public. Kari and I heard about this
tour from last years tour.

We finished our day at Cinghale Blanca- white boar. This restaurant was
recommended by a few people from both sides- total tourist trap- the server's
are 2 older men that apparently lacked competition for a LONG time. They do not
get repeat clientele. That is reflected in the menu choices. They are very
charming- 100+ euros for a miserable meal. I would advise-avoid the boar and
follow the cock.

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Returning the car

sunny 28 °C

We arrived at the Contentiale- this is one of Ferragamo's hotels. They are a
collection of modern boutique hotels-near the Ponte del Vecchio.

We unloaded the car- headed to Avis. It is exciting to return the car. Lincoln
drove 1700 miles- notice I did not drive. I'm sure 300 of those miles can be
attributed to Croatia and u turns. Returning the car means our trip is coming to
an end.

Avis is associated with Euro Car- however- 2 separate offices. I entered Euro
Car-the worst cigarette odor-instantly coating you. I went to Avis-few doors
down- the body odor-enough to make you gag. How any one can work like that all
day- the worst is guy with his office in the parking garage-exhaust fumes and no

We hit the streets. Lincoln has been looking forward to Florence and the art. We
walked to the markets-produce(Vienna and Venice the best) and merchants(leather
knock offs). Lincoln bought a hand stitched belt- I asked why all the others
look the same- and other vendors had them- I could have talked him down(almost
embarrassed I wasn't more aggressive). Walked to another church- the Duomo and
it's museum. Nice going with Lincoln-he knows art and I gain so much insight-I
have been here 2 other times and this time I really lived the arts. Lincoln
bypasses all the no name-Madonna and child/alter pieces-religous and ornate. He
introduces innovative for their time pieces- I love the sculptures- over 600
years old-preserved. I love that the artist is forever admired-and they have no
idea-their attribution to history.

Busy all day, finally headed to our room-all white(not so good for me- I'm a
spiller). Nice to vary the hotel styles.

I made reservations at Bocaterra(across from Verdi Theatre- I went with Kari-and
it is the best restaurant with a hip vibe. Same staff-and great background
music. They get repeat customers-not just tourist. They realize-tourist industry
is dying.

We left full and content-sliced steak cooked well-still skiddish after other

The next day was one of the most important site seeing days-Accedemia, Uffizi,
Vasari Corridor and Pitti Palace.

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